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Current Team Members


At JBS our greater purpose is to feed the world and the growing population with the highest quality food responsibly and sustainably. In order to do this, we need THE BEST TEAM! With us, you are more than a team member; you are family and our greatest asset. Our future is your future! 

In order to create the opportunity of a better future for all of our team members, we offer several internal development opportunities and programs intended for different levels of leadership. Our programs are offered several times per year and focus on leadership, management, industry challenges and mastery of skills needed to propel your career at JBS.

We are dedicated to investing in you, your future and your leadership journey!  

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Exposure and mastery of seven critical business skills and functions necessary to successfully run a business unit within the company.
​​​​​​​Ideal candidates are high level managers (Senior Managers and above) who have been identified as a successor of a business unit leader.
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Our flagship leadership development program in which participants gain an in-depth understanding of the global and core business units within JBS, ending with a capstone international session.
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Ongoing professional development around business-specific trends and insights related to our industry in order to prepare participants for higher level leadership positions within the company.
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Leadership training for ALL font line supervisors that emphasizes skills for leading a people-first culture.
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Session required for all business-recognized leadership program mentors. Mentors are given the tools and resources to successfully mentor our future leaders within the company.  Successful completion of session awards team members with a title of “Certified Mentor”.
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Focus groups empowering women to pursue individual growth and elevate leadership capabilities, and highlighting successful women leaders within the company.
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Foundations of People First with higher level leadership content targeting superintendents and mid-level managers.

Coming in 2022!